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What is the rental fee for Marry Me COTTAGE and what does that fee include?

  • We offer FIVE amazing Intimate Wedding Packages for you to choose from. 
  • Time Frames for these packages are PERFECT for the guest count allotted.  Plenty of time to arrive and be seated for the ceremony. Ample time for your sweet and complete intimate wedding ceremony and or mini reception following, depending on the package you choose.  Within any of our packages, you have plenty of time for your Intimate Wedding Ceremony and Photos!
  • JUST MARRIED:                  20 Minutes
  • JUST MARRIED PLUS:          1 Hour 
  • MODERN ELOPEMENT:          1 Hour 
  • INTIMATE CEREMONY:          2 Hours 
  • MICRO WEDDING:                 4 Hours 

Does Marry Me COTTAGE perform LGBTQ weddings?  

  • YES

How many guests can we invite?

  • Marry Me COTTAGE is an intimate wedding venue.  Maximum of 50 persons. 
  • Guest Count depends on the PACKAGE you choose.

What dates are available?

  • Please contact us via EMAIL or PHONE 636-734-6077 for available dates. We currently do not have an interactive calendar as we can book Modern Elopements, Intimate Ceremonies and Micro Weddings 7 days a week at the cottage and dates/times can change very quickly.

Will there be another wedding the same day?

  • There will NOT be another wedding during your reserved wedding time frame.
  • At Marry Me COTTAGE, we can host more than one wedding in a day, as our Ceremonies and Celebrations are designed to be short and sweet!
  • We plan and schedule weddings accordingly so that your intimate wedding remains completely private and interruption free.
How do I reserve my wedding date?
  • To reserve your wedding date at Marry Me COTTAGE, we require a completed CONTRACT along with the PAYMENT or RETAINER FEE required for your desired package.
  • We do NOT hold/reserve dates without BOTH, the CONTRACT and PAYMENT required for your wedding.
Is there a retainer fee required to book our wedding date?
  • Yes. To reserve your intimate wedding date, we require the following payment options:
  •           Just Married - Payment in Full when signing the contract.
  •           Just Married PLUS - Payment in Full when signing the contract.
  •           Modern Elopement – Non-refundable retainer fee due when signing the contract.  Remaining balance is due exactly one                                                      month prior to your wedding date.
  •           Intimate Ceremony –  Non-refundable retainer fee due when signing the contract.  Remaining balance is due exactly one                                                      month prior to your wedding date.
  •           Micro Wedding –  Non-refundable retainer Fee due when signing the contract.  Remaining balance is due exactly one                                                      month prior to your wedding date.

What form of payment does Marry Me COTTAGE accept?

  • Our preferred form of payment is cash or check.   However, we do accept Visa and Mastercard credit card payments as well.  
  • We do NOT have or accept paypal, venmo, or any other cash app. at this time.

We reserved a date and time and have changed our minds.  How do we request or receive a refund?

  • Marry Me COTTAGE has a very strict NO REFUND policy as we are selling a specific date and time frame.

Do I need to schedule a tour or can I just stop by?

  • Marry Me COTTAGE is a private venue and is NOT open the public.
  • We hold Cottage TOURS every TUESDAY 3pm – 6pm – Swing in anytime during those hours!
  • We do NOT offer private tours other days of the week.  

Do you hold bridal showers, or any other events?

  • No.  We are a "weddings only" venue.

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